Austin and Texas Tops for Remote Workers

Texas is the trendiest state to live, and Austin is the trendiest city, according to a CraftJack study that asked participants where they would move if given the opportunity to work remotely. Overall, 61 percent of respondents said they would move if given a remote work opportunity, with even higher percentages in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, and Portland. There also was a predominant shift to less dense living, with 67 percent saying the suburbs are “cooler”, 69 percent saying smaller cities are trendier than big cities, and 65 percent saying it’s trendier to live in the country versus a big city. What would encourage a move, in order of importance, was bigger and better homes, lower cost of living, more access to nature, proximity to family and friends, more things to do, a slower pace, and better weather. Eighty-seven percent said they would take a remote position where they would never meet their co-workers in person if all else looked good, and the same percentage said they should be paid the same if they transferred to a location with a lower cost of living. interviewed 2,888 individuals across the country for the results.