Austin Eleventh in Nation for $1 Million and Up Homes

Austin, Texas is number eleven in the United States for percentage of million-dollar homes, according to LendingTree. Of Austin’s homes, 2.16 percent are valued at $1 million or above. This percentage ranks it top in the state of Texas, with Houston coming in at number 14, Dallas at number 18, and San Antonio at number 39. Of the homes priced over $1 million, Austin had a median price of $1,310,000, with a median overall price of $282,000. Houston’s luxury median price was $1,401,000, Dallas’ luxury median price was $1,395,500, and San Antonio’s luxury median price was $1,319,000. California was home to the top three concentrations of luxury homes, with San Jose in spot number one with a median of the $1 million-plus homes at $1,505,000. San Francisco, at number two, had a luxury home median price of $1,409,000, and Los Angeles, at number three, had a luxury home median price of $1,419,000. Remarkably, 53.81 percent pf homes in San Jose are worth more than $1 million. For San Francisco, the percentage was 40.3 and in Los Angeles, the percentage was 17.23. New York (11.81 percent) and San Diego (10.55 percent) were the only other cities where luxury homes comprised over 10 percent of the market. Homes in the Rust Belt tended to have the fewest number of homes with luxury price tags, and most of the top cities for luxury homes were on the coasts. Of the 50 ranked cities, Hartford, Connecticut; Pittsburgh; and Buffalo, New York had the lowest percentages of homes over $1 million.