Great Hills Country Club Begins $12 Million Renovation

The Great Hills Country Club in Northwest Austin is beginning a $12 million renovation this February 2018 that ultimately will include a new clubhouse, a recreation building, and a pool pavilion. Due to be completed in the summer of 2019, the renovation will replace the club built in the 1970s, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Great Hills Country Club has an 11,000 square foot clubhouse and administration building that will be replaced with a new, two-story 27,000 square foot clubhouse and a one-story 4,500 square foot community recreation building. In addition, the complex will have a new pool pavilion, new parking lots, and other various improvements. Several thousand people are members of the country club, which is located in the Great Hills neighborhood. Members enjoy the club for golf, tennis, and swimming, as well as for a hub for dining and community events. According to the Statesman, the renovation follows a vote among country club members in March 2016 to approve construction of a new complex and follows the release of a City of Austin site plan permit in January 2018. The club will remain open during construction. Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers President Steve Ihnen was quoted, “There hasn’t been a golf course renovation and clubhouse reconstruction of this magnitude in Austin in the past several decades, or maybe ever, because most sites are completely closed during construction. But we’ve developed a multi-stage plan that will allow the current facility to remain operational with minimal interruption while we do our work.” Architecture for the new buildings was provided by McKinney York, and the general contractor is Club Design Associates. For more information, visit the Great Hills Country Club website. Photo courtesy the Great Hills Country Club website.