Continued Growth in Austin’s Luxury Real Estate Market

Despite a softer second half of 2017, real estate in Austin’s luxury markets continues to see growth, said Regent Property Group Broker Brian Talley in Community Impact’s article, Real estate market shows continued year-over-year growth despite slower second half of 2017. “The number of homes sold in the Westlake area went up, as did the average price per square foot,” Talley was quoted as saying. “I feel like we’ve leveled off some of the growth we were experiencing two to three years ago, but those are really solid growth numbers.” Talley said he does not see a reversal of this growth trend, although he says there has been a softening among the upper end of the market during the last two years. “Austin is not immune to bigger global issues, but, barring that, we’ll continue that positive momentum in 2018.” Read more in the Community Impact article.