How To Shop For A Luxury Home

Shopping for a luxury home is a bit different than shopping for something more modest, largely because there’s so much more at stake. In addition, people tend to keep their luxury homes longer than average homeowners, so if you make a mistake of any kind, you could be stuck with it for many years to come. Before you get too deeply invested into the process of buying a luxury home, you may want to seriously consider what it is exactly that you really want. Here are five things you should take into consideration before choosing a luxury home: 1. Location Not all luxury homes come with convenience. Because they’re sometimes a bit more secluded, a quick trip to the store may be a bit more complicated. And for your children, walking to school may be out of the question. Even more importantly, you must consider whether you want a bluff-top home with a view, a lakeside property with its own dock or a ranch estate. If you don’t want to be left with a home that’s wrong for you, you have to consider location when choosing luxury real estate -- just as you do with any other kind of property purchase. 2. Amenities You can change the kitchen cabinets pretty easily, and replacing the carpet with wood isn’t too complicated. But if you want a pool and the backyard slopes too much, adding one is going to be a costly and disruptive change. Do you want room to walk on your property? Is a guesthouse necessary? Are old and established trees important to you? Consider the property’s amenities before you decide if it’s right for you. 3. Style Changing the style of a home is possible, but it’s costly and impractical, especially if a nearby home matches your desires better. Some homes are secluded retreats while others are seaside showpieces. One-story ranch homes are easy to find in some areas, but there are some two-story Victorian choices in the luxury home category too. Do you want something that was designed or just built? If you will be entertaining in the home, does it need to reflect your personal taste or will any kind of design elements be okay with you? 4. Responsibilities Some homes luxury homes in smaller towns are the talk of the area, so moving into one makes you a local celebrity. That comes with some philanthropic and leadership responsibilities, perhaps. In bigger cities, you may not even be noticed because there’s a nicer home down the road. Does this matter to you? Be honest with yourself and decide if you want to be a big fish in a small pond or just another fish in the sea. 5. Likelihood Is what you want possible? An anonymous getaway home on a hilltop in a small town where your children can walk to school isn’t very likely. What can you settle for? Which of the things that you consider non-negotiable are really negotiable? You can have the house of your dreams, but you have to bounce your wildest dreams against your more honest and practical ones. If you don’t come up an idea in your mind that’s practical, disappointment will be around every corner of your home search. With these five things in mind, your luxury home search can be more realistic and more likely to succeed in finding you a beautiful property you can call home for decades -- or until you’re ready for the next phase of your life.