Local Business Spotlight: Therapeutic Bodyworks of South Austin

austin cuppingAccording to The American College of Sports Medicine, most Austinites have at least one pleasure they don’t have to feel guilty about: In 2009, it named Austin the #10 Fittest City in the U.S.  From triathlons to teamsports, cycling and golf, Austin is a mecca for athletes of all levels. Unfortunately, pain can sometimes accompany pleasure. With every fitness regimen comes the occasional injury, minor to major. Work-related and sport-specific injuries frustrate even the most amateur of athletes, and recovery can be difficult.  Fortunately, Austin is also home to a wide array of healing professionals who take the task of keeping Austinites in top form to heart. Therapeutic Bodyworks of South Austin is one. "My primary focus is working with clients who are injured, have repetitive stress impairments, or chronic pain,” explains the owner and head therapist, Brian Martens. “The tools I use are Active Release Techniques, direct myofascial manual therapy, and decompression cupping.” Massage therapists in Martens’ field manually “break up” problem areas in the muscle. His treatments remove pain, restore function and increase performance by applying deep pressure paired with decompression to affected muscle systems. Susan K. is a runner from Falcon Pointe. “While releasing the tissues can be painful, I couldn’t run a marathon without Brian. The long-term benefits out-distance momentary discomfort.” Susan suffers from work-related chronic back pain and drives across town for weekly treatment. “After each session with Brian, I experience at least a 50% reduction in pain. He is an absolute miracle-worker!” “If you're looking for a Swedish relaxation massage,” jokes Brian, “there are many therapists here in Austin that will do a better job than I. But if you want to hurt less, have better range of motion, and increase performance, it would be my pleasure to work with you." To set up an appointment, call (512) 638-1075.  Brian charges a dollar per minute for one-time sessions and offers package rates for clients like Susan who suffer from chronic injury or pain. Therapeutic Bodyworks of South Austin is located off Manchaca Road near the Olympic Heights neighborhood. The street address is: 1101 Meredith Drive, Austin, TX 78748. Massage therapist Brian A. Martens, LMT, CSCS, is on the Second Floor, Suite 9. Austin REALTORS® at Regent Property Group support local businesses making a difference like Therapeutic Bodyworks of South Austin. Looking for a home for sale in Austin? Our agents help homebuyers stay on top of the latest in local Austin trends. If you’re on the lookout for an Austin luxury Home, check out Austin Home Search! The real estate agents of Regent stand ready to assist you.