Custom building an upscale Austin luxury home requires added levels of planning, attention, and time compared to a non-custom or move-in ready new construction home. And, with the extra emotional element of these luxury homes often equating to the prospective owner’s “dream home,” it is especially important that the process be deliberate and complete.

While some prospective owners may be tempted to jump in with a builder and immediately move forward, it is vital to include a real estate agent in the process, an agent who specifically represents the buyer’s interests. Even with the best builders, buyers should understand that the builder represents its own interests first. A buyer’s real estate agent, on the other hand, will serve the buyer’s interests first.

With a process as extensive as a custom build, it is crucial that there be a representative wholly on your side!

Custom home builders are well-acquainted with working with high-end real estate agents and prepare financials for each project planning for agent involvement so it always serves the buyer to take advantage of this advocate relationship.

It’s also important to have ample information from all perspectives. While the builder may provide a reasonable amount of information from a builder’s perspective, there are incredible amounts of detailing involved with a custom build, and having someone experienced in this process from the real estate side will help ensure a smoother and more satisfying process.

It also helps to have someone who can communicate your thoughts and feelings to the builder should any trouble or hiccups arise, or if you are simply wishing to manage your time.

And, of course, before the construction even begins, it is a real estate agent who will be your best resource for choosing the land for your dream luxury home! With so many beautiful and compelling locations in Austin, you will want to find the best one for you!

Extra considerations for Austin custom luxury homes:

  • – Working with Austin’s hilly or waterfront topography
  • – Formulating a large footprint into a neighborhood’s requirements
  • – Unifying a large square footage through functionality, design elements, and finishes
  • – Maximizing the location, such as with views or lake entry
  • – Choosing a location that provides your best convenience, privacy, and lifestyle balance

Builder Services

It is essential to select a respected and competent luxury Austin home builder to ensure quality craftsmanship and a quality experience. As an integral part of a luxury home team, your chosen builder will work with you, your real estate agent, your architect, your attorney, and your design team to create a home that suits every aspect of your lifestyle.

A few things to expect from a luxury home builder:

  • – Private consultation and lot analysis with prospective owner and the home’s architect
  • – Interior and/or exterior remodeling alongside the interior designer
  • – Quality construction materials, expert craftsmanship, and knowledge
  • – Regular project reports and onsite check-ins at each stage of the process
  • – Draft of detailed project specifications to ensure you stay within desired budget

Please contact us at Regent Property Group if you are considering the next step with a custom luxury home builder, and allow us to put our knowledge to work for you!

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