Your home is meant to be a sanctuary, the place where you relax, restore, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. It might also be your castle, the place where you create, inspire, build, and earn with your career. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you have the right team in place before beginning any construction project. Especially with a luxury home, for the project to be successful, it will require a real estate agent, an architect, an attorney, a designer or design team, and possibly others.

It is important to include a real estate agent in the transaction from the beginning for several reasons:
  • – To help with ongoing communication
  • – To stand in as a representative for you in communications and with some meetings, as needed
  • – To be your advocate and represent only your interests
  • – To provide knowledge from a real estate perspective
  • – To serve as a broad-base resource for the entire process

A real estate agent experienced in luxury homes is vital to the overall success of the project and, when chosen well, will be able to jump start the new luxury home construction with the recommendation of other experienced luxury home professionals. One of the first professionals you’ll choose is an architect proficient at designing upscale homes and all the extra details and specifics they entail. You’ll want to choose one who will best represent your desires and wishes and who will understand the specifics that will make the home its optimum for enjoyment and investment, from your personal standpoint.

When creating the ideal luxury home to suit your lifestyle, a quality architect will help you transform the house of your dreams into a reality. What start as ideas will transform into concepts, then workable blueprints, and then tangible models. An architect, in conjunction with your real estate agent, also can help ensure quality standards are upheld once construction begins.

With specialized knowledge of planning, construction methods, and building regulations, your Austin luxury architect also can help you stay within your budget while maintaining a sense of continuity between the drawing plans and the execution.

A few things to expect from a luxury home architect:
  • – Pre-design (identify city/code requirements, survey, topography, drainage, soil testing)
  • – Structural engineering design
  • – Mechanical, electrical, plumbing design
  • – Schematic design
  • – Construction documents (floor, foundation, site, ceiling, and exterior plans)
  • – On-site management and administration

Please contact us at Regent Property Group if you are considering the next step with a custom luxury home architect, and allow us to put our knowledge to work for you!

Luxury Home Architecture Referrals

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