Buckeye_44SMGenerally speaking, luxury homes will begin in central Austin and progress westward first into subdivisions, then towards the suburbs of the hill country. Styles can range from sleek and modern high-rise condominiums to impeccably restored historical estates to sprawling homes along our lakes: Lake Austin in central Austin and Lake Travis, further west. Homes of the luxury stature in Austin, regardless of area or age, generally start at $1 million and can move upward from there towards $25 million. Most closed sales are in the $1 to $5 million range. Of course, the luxury market is a particularly targeted one, and we suggest contacting us by the time a moment of action nears.

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Where can you expect to find luxury homes in Austin, and what types of homes will these be? Here is an overview of the three main Austin luxury home areas:

Central Austin

In central Austin, a predominant luxury home type of late is the high-rise condominium. Newer condominium buildings downtown include the Austonian, W Austin, and the Four Seasons Condos. These offer a selection of amenities that add to the appeal of high-rise living, coupled with proximity to the business district, entertainment district, and nightlife.

Distinct, yet appealing in an entirely different way are the established neighborhoods that surround downtown Austin. With homes dating back to the 1800s, there is much history to be found in central Austin, with beautifully updated homes on prized lots sprinkling the downtown and near-downtown areas. Homes represent a poignant reminder of Austin’s past placed amongst Austin’s hopes for its future.

Central to West Austin

The Central to West corridor is important because it encompasses perhaps Austin’s most desirable luxury real estate offerings – and those are the homes along the shores of Lake Austin. Beginning just under and west of the Mo-Pac Freeway, homes along Lake Austin can range from lavish and sprawling to an occasional “lake house” style home that is ripe for redevelopment. These extend westward past the Pennybacker Bridge, until Lake Austin transitions to Lake Travis, where even more luxury waterfront homes are found.

West Austin

There are many reasons homeowners choose West Austin for their real estate investments and homes. One of the most common reasons is that the area is prized for its schools, many of which are within the acclaimed Eanes Independent School District. West Austin also is where the topography of Austin begins to change, with hill country views, larger lots, and proximity to outdoor recreation – such as golf courses, resorts, equestrian areas, and lakes – increasing. Styles are innumerable, but virtually all luxury homes in this area will offer quality and prestige.

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